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We are a group of UK only volunteers who knit and crochet octopus and jelly fish for premature babies who decide to come into the world earlier than expected. 

Octopus made for us are donated by very loyal members who have painstakingly gone through our strict rules and regulations process. Our carefully made octopus have to pass all of our safety checks that are in force to make sure every preemie is gifted one that is 100% perfection. We strive to get this by paying attention to detail, it’s well worth it knowing that your carefully made octopus have been given to a premature baby.

All of our 140 NICU/PICU and SCBU are gifted the octopus on a regular basis at no cost to the NHS. This is an amazing achievement for our dedicated makers who donate their time for these very special babies. They were first introduced to us from Denmark specifically designed to stop Preemies from pulling their tubes and attached wires out. The little octopus comforters must not be used to play with. We only deliver to the units themselves and do not post to babies who have left these units.

Our pattern has been adapted to comply with the hospitals and British Trading Standards requirements and must not be changed in any way. We also sell a range of 100% cotton yarn that has all been tested for colour  and is perfect to use once you are ready for making your octopus on our group. 
Our group is only available in the UK on Meta (previously known as (Facebook) you may ask to
join us at our Facebook Group here.

Although Northern Ireland is part of the UK, they share a separate  independent group with Southern Ireland 

Our charity name is Octopus for a Preemie UK Registered Charity number 1180950.