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We all know how dangerous a preterm birth is for babies. The weight of most of them is around 500g (that’s half a bag of sugar)  because preemie babies systems are not fully developed.
Feeling the closeness of parents has a significant effect on babies recovery and growth.
However, many parents are not able to hold their babies close in some cases as they are so tiny. That’s where our octopus comforters help. Baby holds the tentacles of their little friend which helps to keep them calm, because the octopus tentacles resemble the umbilical cord whilst baby is in the womb.

When a baby arrives unexpectedly the parent’s world stops to focus on the little one. There are so many things to sort out that are important and part of everyday life. Parents need a break to catch their breath and to have a rest so they can carry on looking after their little bundle of joy, knowing their tiny baby will get comfort in holding the octopus tentacles instead of pulling those life-saving tubes and cables out.

This charity project first started in Denmark and has extended to 28 different Countries throughout the world, all working independently.